Fast Food for the Fast Generation

“Time nahi hai” seems to be the buzzword or rather buzz-statement of today’s fast moving and fast food eating generation. Be it the college goers who juggle between bunking classes, jamming sessions and parties or the suave young employees rushing between meetings and get together, paucity of time seems to be one factor common between them all. In this rush of time, maa ka ladla hasn’t got time for an elaborate meal, and this is where maa ke haath ka khana gets replaced by McAloo Tikki, serving up as the ‘working lunch’.

Fast food restaurants, also known as quick service restaurants, make food that can be prepared and served quickly. It evolved more in line with urban development. The first fast food restaurant arguably was White Castle, established in United States of America, in 1916.

The Indian fast food industry is diverse, with road side stalls and KFC operating on the same road. Vada-pav and sev-puri serve up the platter for the super fast Mumbaikars, sumptuous chicken rolls and jhal muri satisfy the Bengali taste buds in Kolkatta and Dilliwale have a lot of choices from their shawarmas to chaat. The past decade saw the opening  of various international fast food chains in our country, first only in the metros and then gradually to other cities as well. KFC was the first to enter our country but suffered due to its non-vegetarian specific approach. The next to enter McDonalds molded themselves to suit the Indian mindset and the result is there to see.

The evolution of fast food is symbolic of the rapid urbanization in our country. The fast pace of today’s generation and the country’s progress are in tandem and it’s the fast food chains filling in for the ghar ka khana in a time crunched atmosphere.

Sonali Banerjee
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