Why Students choose Commerce?

Why Students choose Commerce?

It has noticed that mostly students fear with science as it is tough and also don’t want to take arts as its too simple and hurts the ego of students. So students plans for commerce and this is the fact. But it not true in all cases those students who are really serious for their studies take advice from their seniors, parents and also get advice from career counselors. So we can say some more than half students takes commerce stream incidentally and others deliberately.

Career options in Commerce Steam

There are many options for a commerce student like CA, CS, ICWA and ICWA these are the top degree courses and almost all the students who enters in commerce stream desire on of the above specified degree. But apart from that you can also be an accountant, teacher and can also be apply in banking section. If you have accounting background and have good command over telly, you can also apply for Accountant post in many companies now a day.

Study material in Commerce

Business Students

Study Material In Colleges

Income Tax
English/ Hindi
Business Studies
Math ( In Hon course)

Courses available after 10th class – Career options for you After 12th

After 10th class there are usually three streams that students always look for and these are Art, Science and commerce. Apart from these general streams, there are many other new courses available in the schools like electronic science, computer science etc. If we talk about the vocational courses after 10th, there is a long list of vocational courses available.

Just engaging with these courses is not enough as the time is too competitive and one has to have more that just their academic knowledge. All of us should at least have basis knowledge of computers which is more in demand now days in al the sectors. So if you are in college and have arts, commerce or science or any other subjects, you must go for basis computer course.

But those who have chosen it field like BCA, MCA must practice hard with computers just basic is not enough. Practice sessions in BCA. MCA are although provided to the students but still not sufficient. It sector is big and vast you need to be advanced. If you have computer at your home you must practice hard for practices.

Big IT Institutions like NIIT, Aptech, Arena, Heights and many more to name proving it education with practice support. You can do your practical session there as you will be provided practice sessions there with good faculties and help. Thus you would be able to grasp much better and deeply.

There are many short term courses, diploma courses available after 12th in the field of Audio Video Editions, camera and lighting, print Broadcast media, animation, visual effects etc.

List of the courses

Bachelor Degree Mass Communication & Journalism Course

Diploma in Film Arts & A/V Editing

Diploma in Animation including 2D & 3D Effects

Diploma in Print Media Journalism & Communications – Six Months

Camera & Lighting Courses

Diploma in Filmmaking & Digital Video Production

and many more to name. Course duration of these courses are from 6 moth to 1 year.

Career Option after 12th Science

There are various careers available for students who have passed their 12th from Science stream. Computer course BCA and MCA are the most suitable courses if they want to make their career in computer field. In BCA and MCA you will learn the basic and advance programming languages, computer concepts, theory of computers etc. You will be finally achieved degree in Master in computer application. There are various universities like IGNOU, Delhi University, Sikkim Manipal University,Symboisys and many more to name.

Other Courses after 12th Science Stream

BSc, MSc, B.Tech, M.Tech, engineering courses, BE, Medical courses, Teaching courses etc. So there are various courses after 12th for science student where they can make their career bright and can also get higher salary packages.

Job oriented courses after graduation

What is the ultimate goal after completion of your study; undoubtedly it is a good job with high salary. There are various short term job oriented courses. Below is the list of good job oriented courses

Short term Job oriented courses for commerce after 12th or graduation: if you have passed your 12th class with commerce or graduation (B.Com) and want to get job after a short period of time then you can go for Telly. Telly is a short term computer course, after successful of telly course you would be eligible for executive accountant, junior accountant post.

Job Opportunities: there are lots of job opportunities in this field but the salary packages are not so handsome. You can only drive 7k to 12k initially from Telly course. But if you have a degree, (C.A, C.S, ICWA) then you can get high salary packages.

Web Designing: Web designing is a short term course and after this course you can get instant job in various IT company as a web designer. Creativity is the key of success in web designing. If you are creative then there is no salary bar for you in this field. You can also drive salary 40k to 50k pm in web designing. There are various institutes for web designing courses in India. Web designing is one of the good short term job oriented course.

Content Writing: Content writing is very simple but you can drive higher salary with this job. There are various kind of content writers like General content writers, medical content writers, financial content writers etc. So if you are a science student with Biology subject at Graduation level then you can try for medical writing jobs. For medical writers there should be specific degree/certification but for general content writing, there are not such obligations. Medical content writers get higher salary compare to banking and general content writers. General content writing covers topics like travel, education, industry specific services, products, copy writers etc. You can easily earn 15k to 25k initially with content writing job. It is one of the best job oriented course after graduation.


Short Term Quick Courses after 12th which makes you able to get higher salaries

There are various short term courses which offer you big salaries. But it also true not initially, you need to work hard for that but you can earn much better what you expect currently with a ordinary job. These courses includes

Animation Related Courses
Web Designing
Content Writing or Copywriters
Online Business Analysist
Career in Flash & Photoshop
Internet Marketing or Online marketing
Mass Communication
There are various institutes and colleges which provides diploma and degree courses in these areas.

Little Brief about these courses

Flash, Photoshop & Animation: A sound knowledge of Flash and Photoshop with Animation skills can provide you a good job where you can start from 10,000 as a bigger and can earn up to 50,000 even more than that. But at initial state where you are just a fresher no one would offer you higher salaries so don’t expect salary at initial state just work and learn. As you reap in you this field then you will not chase the money, money will chase you.

Web Designing: Website designs skills include, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, little bit of JAVA Script and flash. If you have a good command over HTML, CSS and Photoshop you can earn 8K to 10k at starting state. But when you will get experience in this field, you can earn 30+ easily it require hard work, patient and exploring yourself in other aspects also like java, flash, animation etc.

Copywriter, Content Writer & Mass Communication: If you have a good command over English with little bit of typing speed. You can earn up to 15K at starting stage in a company. After having experience in this field you can earn 40K+. What is content writing actually? It is basically copy and content writing for the website. Content writer can earn monthly 20+ easily but if you are copywriter you can earn more than that. on the other hand mass communication help you to be a part of client servicing team. Client servicing includes meeting with client, understanding of their requirements and delivery of the same in the stipulated time lines. You can earn up to 25k at initial state.


What courses to choose after 12th – Quick and short term Courses after 12th

There is no tension in mind before the 12th class. As the students pass their 12th class board examination, they began to search the best career options, best job oriented courses. Most of the students without any planning and consideration join regular courses with Science, Commerce and Arts stream. They awake when they find these courses un-useful and un-important and many times come to know that they have lost their 3 years college. But this is not true in all cases. Many times students intestinally want to take these courses as per their future plan. So pre-planning is very important and make sure you should not waste precious time in this competitive world.
These times there are so many courses, technical and other courses where student can make their career and get a good job with high salary. So first decide

What you want to be?

What is your future goal?

What is your favorite filed or subject?

Just a job with high paying salary is you motto?

These are some basis questions which should be think and talked before.  But don’t worry if you awake after Graduation. There are still so many courses, areas where you can make your career. Lets talk about some about some good and short term courses after 12th which can provide your higher salaries. Mass communication, Animation, Web Designer, Copywriter, Content Writer, Marketing, Internet marketing, Programming, Business Analysist. These are list of few good courses after 12th which can provide you higher salary. Now the question arises where to prepare these courses after 12th. There are many institute and colleges which provide degree and diploma in these courses after 12th class. Best of luck for your career.


What to do after Short term diploma in computers

Next options are Hardware Networking course, Web development courses etc.

If you have done diploma in computers either from small or big institutes, there are various other courses that you can do. If you have done short term diploma courses in Hardware & Networking you can go for advance courses in Hardware technology or in networking. These courses are MCSE,CCNA, CCNP etc.These all are short term technical courses which can provide you many job opportunities in various government and private sectors.

If you have don’t short term diploma courses in computer, you can also opt for web development field which also provide you various career opportunities in future. If we talk about the salary packages in these jobs, initially you would get around 8k to 15k but after having lots of experience and other advance degree in related field you can easily get 3k+ packages in good company/organization.

If you want to get government job in the same field, yes opportunities are there for you. Look for the employment news and search the similar kinds of job if any.

What are the various institutes for short term diploma courses in India

NIIT- National Institute of Information Technology


Aptech Education

DOEACC A and O’Level courses

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