Sonia Gandhi and Congress Secret Billions Exposed

What was Rajiv Gandhi’s fatal error in politics? It does not need a seer to say that it was his claim to honesty — branding himself as ‘Mr Clean’ — that proved fatal to him. Indira Gandhi was his contrast. Asked about corruption in her government, she said nonchalantly, ‘it was a global phenomenon’. This was in 1983. An honest Delhi High Court judge even lamented how could corruption be controlled when someone holding such a high position had almost rationalised it. The result, no one could ever charge Indira Gandhi with corruption, because she never claimed to be clean. But, ambitious to look ideal, Rajiv proclaimed honesty and so provoked scrutiny; in contrast, Indira, opting to be practical, immunised herself against scrutiny. Eventually, Rajiv’s claim to honesty became the very cross on which he was crucified in the 1989 elections when the Bofors gun shot the Congress out of power. The lesson to the political class was: don’t claim to be honest, if you really are not so. The hard lesson seems forgotten now by the Gandhi family itself. Sonia Gandhi, instead of following Indira’s safe path, is wrongly caught on Rajiv’s risky steps. The consequences seem to be ominous. Will the politics of 1987 to 1989 repeat?

Following Rajiv and forgetting Indira, Sonia Gandhi proclaimed ‘zero tolerance’ to corruption at a party rally in Allahabad in November 2010. She repeated it at the Congress plenary in Delhi weeks later. Asking the cadre to take the corrupt head on, she said that her party was ‘prompt’ in acting against the corrupt; ‘never spared the corrupt’ because corruption impedes development’. This was almost how Rajiv Gandhi spoke in the Congress centenary in Mumbai 25 years ago. Two crucial differences marked Rajiv away from Sonia. First, when Rajiv claimed to be ‘Mr Clean’, he had no scams to defend against. But, Sonia claims to be honest amidst huge and continuing scams — CWG, Adarsh, 2G Spectrum allocation scam…. Next, Rajiv had a clean slate to begin with, with no known skeletons in his cupboard till the Bofors scam smashed his ‘Mr Clean’ image. In contrast, Sonia’s slate is full of credible exposures of bribes and pay-offs in billions of dollars secreted in Swiss bank accounts, not counting Quattrocchi’s millions from Bofors. To make it worse, for almost two decades now, she has not dared to deny the exposures or sue the famous Swiss magazine or the Russian investigative journalist who had put out evidence of bribe against the Sonia family. Seen against this background, Sonia’s vow to act against the corrupt seems like a suspect hooting ‘catch the thief’ and scooting away. This is the main story that unfolds here.


$2.2 billions to 11 billions!

A stunning exposure on Sonia Gandhi’s secret billions in Swiss banks came, surprisingly, from Switzerland itself, where the world’s corrupt stash away their booty. In its issue of November 19, 1991, Schweizer Illustrierte, the most popular magazine of Switzerland, did an exposé of over a dozen politicians of the third world, including Rajiv Gandhi, who had stashed away their bribe monies in Swiss banks. Schweizer Illustrierte, not a rag, sells some 2,15,000 copies and has a readership of 9,17,000 — almost a sixth of Swiss adult population. Citing the newly opened KGB records, the magazine reported ‘that Sonia Gandhi the widow of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was controlling secret account with 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (equal to $2.2 billion) in her minor son’s name’. The $2.2 billion account must have existed from before June 1988 when Rahul Gandhi attained majority. The loot in today’s rupee value equals almost Rs 10,000 crore. Swiss banks invest and multiply the clients’ monies, not keep them buried. Had it been invested in safe long-term securities, the $.2.2 billion bribe would have multiplied to $9.41 billion (Rs 42,345 crore) by 2009. If it had been put in US stocks, it would have swelled to $12.97 billion (Rs 58,365 crore). If, as most likely, it were invested in long-term bonds and stocks as 50:50, it would have grown to $11.19 billion (Rs 50,355 crore). Before the global financial meltdown in 2008, the $2.2 billion bribes in stocks would have peaked at $18.66 billion (Rs 83,900 crore). By any calculation the present size of the $2.2 billion secret funds of the family in Swiss banks seems huge — anywhere between Rs 43,000 plus to some Rs 84,000 crore!


KGB papers

The second exposé, emanating from the archives of the Russian spy outfit KGB, is far more serious. It says that the Gandhi family has accepted political pay-offs from the KGB — a clear case of treason besides bribe. In her book The State Within a State: The KGB and its Hold on Russia-Past, Present, and Future, Yevgenia Albats, an acclaimed investigative journalist, says: “A letter signed by Victor Chebrikov, who replaced Andropov as the KGB head in 1982 noted: ‘the USSR KGB maintains contact with the son of the Premier Minister Rajiv Gandhi (of India). R Gandhi expresses deep gratitude for the benefits accruing to the Prime Minister’s family from the commercial dealings of the firm he controls in co-operation with the Soviet foreign trade organisations. R Gandhi reports confidentially that a substantial portion of the funds obtained through this channel are used to support the party of R Gandhi’.” (p.223). Albats has also disclosed that, in December 2005, KGB chief Victor Chebrikov had asked for authorisation from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, “to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi.” And even before Albats’ book came out the Russian media had leaked out the details of the pay-offs. Based on the leaks, on July 4, 1992, The Hindu had reported: “the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service admits the possibility that the KGB could have been involved in arranging profitable Soviet contract for the company controlled by Rajiv Gandhi family”.


Indian media

Rajiv Gandhi’s sad demise delayed the Swiss and Russian exposé on Sonia being picked up here. But Indian media’s interest in it actually coincided with Sonia Gandhi assuming leadership of the Congress. A G Noorani, a well-known columnist, had reported on both Schweizer Illustrierte and Albats’ exposés in Statesman (December 31, 1988). Subramanian Swamy had put out the photocopies of the pages of Schweizer Illustrierte and Albats’ book in his website along with the mail of the Swiss magazine dated February 23, 2002 confirming that in its article of November 1991 it had named Rajiv Gandhi with a total of Swiss Franc 2.5 billion ($2.2 billion) in secret account; it had also offered to supply a original copy of the magazine to Swamy. (See: These facts were again recalled in my article in The New Indian Express (April 29, 2009) written in response to Sonia Gandhi speech at Mangalore (April 27, 2009) declaring that, “the Congress was taking steps to address the issue of untaxed Indian money in Swiss banks”. The article had questioned her about her family’s corrupt wealth in Swiss banks in the context of her vow to bring back the monies stashed away abroad. Rajinder Puri, a reputed journalist, has also earlier written on the KGB disclosures in his column on August 15, 2006. Recently, in India Today (December 27, 2010) the redoubtable Ram Jethmalani has referred to the Swiss exposé, asking where is that money now? So the Indian media too has repeatedly published the details of the secret billions of the Gandhi family investigated by the Swiss and Russian journalists. Amal Datta (CPI(M)) had raised the $2.2 billion issue in Parliament on December 7, 1991, but Speaker Shivraj Patil expunged the Gandhi name from the proceedings!



But, what has been the response of Sonia or Rahul, major after June 1988, to the investigation by Schweizer Illustrierte and Albats and to the Indian media’s repeated references to their investigation? It can be summed up in one word: Silence. Thus, apart from the exposés, the deafening silence of the Gandhis itself constitutes the most damaging and self-incriminating evidence of the family’s guilt. When Schweizer Illustrierte alleged that Sonia had held Rajiv Gandhi’s bribes in Rahul’s name in Swiss banks, neither she nor the son, protested, or sued the magazine, then or later; nor did they sue A G Noorani or Statesman when they repeated it in 1998, or later; nor would they sue Subramanian Swamy when he put it on his website in 2002; neither did they sue me, or the Express when the article was carried in April 2009. When major papers, The Hindu and The Times of India included, had carried the expose on KGB payments in the year 1992 itself adding that the Russian government was embarrassed by the disclosures, neither of the Gandhis challenged or sued them; nor did they sue Yevgenia Albats when she wrote about KGB payments to Rajiv Gandhi in 1994. Neither did they act against  Swamy when he put Albats’ book pages on his website or when Rajinder Puri, a well-known journalist, wrote about it in his column on August 15, 2006. However, a feeble but proxy suit was filed by Sonia loyalists to defend her reputation when Albats’ exposé was made part of the full-page advertisement in The New York Times in 2007 issued by some NRIs to ‘unmask’ Sonia to the US audience, as they claimed. The suit was promptly dismissed by a US court because Sonia herself did not dare file the suit. Shockingly even that suit did not challenge the $2.2 billion Swiss account at all!

Imagine that the report in Schweizer Illustrierte or in Albats book was false and Sonia Gandhi did not have those billions in secret accounts in Rahul Gandhi’s name or the family was not paid for its service to the KGB as alleged. How would they, as honest and outraged people, have reacted? Like how Morarji Desai, then retired and old at 87, responded in anger when, Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, had mentioned in his book that Morarji Desai was a ‘paid’ CIA mole in the Indian Cabinet. Morarji Desai forthwith filed a libel suit. Commenting in The American Spectator, Rael Jean Isaac wrote in 2004, five years after Morarji Desai had passed away, that Hersh habitually indulged in character assassination; and in his attempt to do down Henry Kissinger, Morarji Desai became the victim. Isaac added that Desai, 87, calling it a “sheer mad story”, reacted in outrage with a libel suit seeking $50 million in damages. When the suit came up, as Desai, 93, was too ill to travel to US, Kissinger testified on Desai’s behalf, flatly contradicted Hersh’s charge and stated that Desai had no connection to the CIA. That is how even retired and old persons, honest and so offended and outraged, would act. But see the self-incriminating contrast, the complete absence of such outrage, in Sonia, who is reigning as the chairperson of the UPA now, neither retired or tired like the nonagenarian Morarji Desai, being just 41 when the story broke out in Schweizer Illustrierte. Imagine, not Sonia or Rahul, but Advani or Modi had figured in the exposés of Schweizer Illustrierte or Albats. What would the media not have done to nail them? What would the government of Sonia not have done to fix them?


Rs 20.80 lakh-crore loot

The billions of the Gandhi family being both bribes and monies stashed away in Swiss banks, they are inextricably linked to the larger issue of bringing back the huge national wealth stashed abroad. All world nations, except India, are mad after their black wealth secreted in Swiss and like banks. But India has shown little enthusiasm to track the illicit funds of Indians in Swiss and other banks. Why such reticence?

When during the run-up to the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP leader L K Advani promised to bringing back, if voted to power, Indian monies estimated between $500 billion and $1.4 trillion stashed abroad, the Congress first denied that there was such Indian money outside. But when the issue began gathering momentum, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi had to do damage control and promise that the Congress too would bring back the national wealth secreted abroad. Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a non-profit institution working against global black funds, has recently estimated that the Indian wealth secreted away is about $462 billion, approximately equal to Rs 20.80 lakh-crore. The GFI says that more than two-thirds of it was looted away under the liberalisation regime. This is what the GFI says about the character of the loot: “From 1948 through 2008, India lost a total of $213 billion in illicit financial flows (or illegal capital flight)” through “tax evasion, corruption, bribery and kickbacks, and criminal activities”. Does one need a seer to say under what head would the $2.2 billion in Sonia family’s secret account (which would have grown to $9 to $13 billion by now) fall? But accretions, if any, from the loot in 2G and CWG where the numbers are even bigger are not still accounted. Now comes the more critical, yet practical issue. When the Sonia Gandhi family is among the suspects who have secreted away monies abroad, how will it affect the efforts to bring back the wealth stashed away by others?

Looters safe

Just a couple of examples will demonstrate how the government is unwilling to go after Indian money secreted abroad. As early as February 2008 the German authorities had collected information about illegal money kept by citizens of different countries in Lichtenstein bank. The German finance minister offered to provide the names of the account holders to any government interested in the names of its citizens. There were media reports that some 250 Indian names were found in the Lichtenstein Bank list. Yet, despite the open offer from Germany to provide the details, the UPA-II government has never showed interest in the Indian accounts in Lichtenstein Bank. The Times of India reported that “the ministry of finance and PMO have, however, not shown much interest in finding out about those who have their lockers on the secret banks of Liechtenstein which prides itself in its banking system”. But under mounting pressure the Indian government asked for details not under the open offer but strategically under India’s tax treaty with Germany. What is the difference? Under the tax treaty the information received would have to be kept confidential; but, if it were received openly, it can be disclosed to the public. Is any further evidence needed to prove that the government is keen to see that the names of Indians who had secreted monies abroad are not disclosed?

The second is the sensational case of Hasan Ali, the alleged horse-breeder of Pune, who was found to have operated Swiss accounts involving over Rs 1.5 lakh-crore. The income tax department has levied a tax of Rs 71,848 crore on him for concealing Indian income secreted in Swiss accounts. This case is being buried now. The request sent to the Swiss government was deliberately made faulty to ensure that the Swiss would not provide details. Some big names in the ruling circles are reportedly linked to Hasan Ali. That explains why the government would not deepen the probe. It is Hasan Alis and the like who transport through hawala the bribes of the corrupt from India. If Hasan Ali is exposed, the corrupt will stand naked. This is how the hawala trader and the corrupt in India are mixed-up.

Is it too much to conclude that thanks to Sonia family’s suspected billions in Swiss accounts the system cannot freely probe the $462 billion looted from India at all? Tail-pieces: The total wealth of both Gandhis, as per their election returns, is just Rs 363 lakh, Sonia owning no car. Sonia lamented on November 19, 2010, that graft and greed are on the rise in India!! Rahul said on December 19, 2010, that severe punishment should be given to the corrupt!!! Amen.

Published in New York Times on, October 6, 2007

Sonia has never been in power. So if there are any money in Swiss accounts, they have to be inherited from husband, or more likely, from Mother-in-law. Indira, the shrewd person that she was could have kept money abroad in name of Sonia because she was a European and was totally a domestic person then. She could easily migrate and lay hand on money if crisis happended in India. Many accounts are there blaming Indira Gandhi of visiting the airfield where her son died, to take away his wrist watch which had details of the swiss account.

The bank and it’s officials/lawyers deliberately withheld crucial documents requested under a High Court order. The bank and it’s officials/lawyers deliberately withheld evidence from the Police, and one of it’s account managers Susan Broadhead gave a false witness statement to the Police.
Another one of it’s managers Nicholas Campiche ( Now Head of Pictet – Alternative Investments.) concocted a letter pretending to be a client and closed his account. The senior partner (Ivan Pictet.) sought to have numerous documents destroyed,along with those copies held in their London office’s of Pictet Asset Management. Initially stating that they were forgeries then their lawyers Peters & Peters – Monty Raphael –and the barrister Charles Flint.Q.C. later had to admit in Court that the documents were genuine.
British Parliament. Hansard .29th March 2007.
Barry Sheerman .M.P.—quote.
———“ Constituents of mine have lost £2 million through fraud. The fraudster used Pictet & Cie – - a French Bank – - and Pictet Asset Management to back the fraud being perpetrated.””
(1) It is a criminal offence for a bank to knowingly act for an undischarged criminal bankrupt in so far as it seeks to assist that criminal bankrupt in the fraudulent movement of monies. ( Money Laundering.)
(2) It is a criminal offence for a bank to lie to the police and the bankrupts trustee in bankruptcy in so far as any knowledge of, or dealings with the bank was refuted .
(3) A bank can be guilty of Contempt of Court if it fails to comply fully with the Courts order for discovery .
(4) The banks contempt is further compounded if it fails to address its error after it is specifically drawn to the to its solicitors attention. ( Monty Raphael).
(5) It is a criminal offence under the Financial Services Act to seek to destroy evidence that might be relevant to an investigation .
(6) It is a criminal offence not to relinquish control of funds to the Trustee immediately the fact of the bankruptcy is drawn to the banks attention.
(7) It is a criminal offence to lie or otherwise obfuscate the lawful and proper enquiries of the F.S.A.
In the F.S.A. cover up , they concluded that there had been “ Rogue” elements in Pictet & Cie’s , London operations . They had been moved from their London Office so who was there left to prosecute. “ Unbelievable.”
On Dec 9th,2008. the complaint was sent to 150 Members of the House Of Lords and 230 Members of Parliament.
*** We thank –David Cameron. M.P. ( Canary Wharf Speech.) Dec. 15th. 2008.
(1) Bankers who behave irresponsibly should face professional consequences.
(2) If anyone is found to have behaved criminally they must be prosecuted.
(3) The F.S.A and the Serious Fraud Office should be following up every lead,
investigating every suspect transaction .
(4) We need to make it 100% clear –those who break the law should face
(5) That we make sure we root out any wrongdoing that may have happened, whoever
is involved, however high or well connected they may be.
Ivan Pictet.
Member of the Law Society of England & Wales.
International Bar Association Member.
Written Parliamentary Questions received by the table office ..
(1) To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking to ensure that Swiss Banks such as Pictet & Cie do not evade criminal prosecution under EU law even when the illegal act is committed by a London based subsidiary.
(2)To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking to protect the rights of UK citizens who seek redress following criminal activities by Swiss banks with subsidiary offices located in London.



Dark Secrets of India - Nehru Family Tree
Who was the first prime minister of India?
Who was her son to become Prime Minister of India?

Who was the Catholic Prime Minister of India?
Who was the first Muslim Prime Minister of India?

Jawahar Lal Nehru's father was Motilal Nehru. His wife Kamla Nehru died of tuberculosis. Their only daughter was Indira Nehru, whom we more appropriately know as Indira Gandhi, was married to Feroz Gandhi.

Who is this Feroz? He was the Nehru family's kirana store guy's son who used to supply them groceries in their home named Anand Bhavan (previously known as Ishrat Manzil).

In Indian context, the paternal grandfather is deemed to be more important. Then why do we only hear about Jawahar Lal Nehru who was Rajiv Gandhi's maternal grandfather, and never about his paternal grandfather? We do not even know his name! considering the history of the family and their socio-political stature in the country.

Rajiv Gandhi's paternal granfather was Nawab Khan, a muslim who married a Parsi (surname Gandhy - associated with Parsis) woman after getting her converted to Islam for marriage. This is why the myth about Rajiv being a Parsi was derived. Therefore, Rajiv's father was actually Feroz Khan before marrying Indira against her mother's wishes. His name was changed to Feroz Gandhi before his marriage with Indira using an affidavit.

Now how did Indira Nehru get married to Feroz Khan, being the daughter of the Prime Minister, especially in a conservative Indian society?

Indira Nehru used to study in Shantiniketan University started by Rabindra Nath Tagore. She was expelled for her misdemeanor. Indira went to England when her father Jawahar was too busy in politics and illicit sex. In England, where their grocer's son Feroz was present at that time, she changed her religion to Islam and got married to Feroz Khan.

Upon this, realizing that it would not be positive for the Congress party, Mahatma Gandhi ordered Jawahar Lal Nehru to get Feroz's name changed to Feroz Gandhi. Now, only the name was changed and not the religion. And for public consumption, an institutional vedic marriage was mocked. Such an inter religious and inter caste marriage was not allowed by law at that time. So in reality, Indira was never married to Feroz.

Indira had only one child with Feroz, Rajiv, thereafter they both lived separately, and Feroz died of reasons unknown.

Then where did Sanjay Gandhi come from? He was Rajiv's brother, or Indira's son. Sanjay Gandhi was actually Sanjiv, rhyming with Rajiv. He was born when Indira Gandhi had illicit sexual relationship with Mohammad Yunus. Sanjay was even circumcised according to Muslim traditions. His name was changed to Sanjay upon being charged with theft in England and being given a new passport under political influence from Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Now Sanjay made Menaka, a sikh girl who was a model, pregnant. Her father colonel Anand forced Sanjay to marry her. Indira Gandhi changed Menaka's name to Maneka. Menaka meaning dancer in Lord Indra's court did not appeal to Indira Gandhi.

Mohammad Yunus cried the most, publicly, upon Sanjay Gandhi's death in a plane crash because he was his biological father.

Both Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi were bastards. And their mother Indira Gandhi..gave birth t two kids with different fathers, without being married.

Further Rajiv Gandhi went to Italy and fell in love with Sania Maino. To get married to her, Rajiv changed his religion and became a Catholic, changed name to Roberto. They gave birth to Bianka and Raul. Quite cleverly these names are presented to the public as Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul.

The surprise of surprises, Rajiv, even though he was a catholic, was cremated as per vedic rites in India.

Nehru family tree:



Book exposes late Indian Prime Minister's personal life secrets

New Delhi: Nearly 24 years after her death, the dark secrets of the late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi have began to come to light, beginning with her alleged "love affair" with Punjab's present CM Prakash Singh Badal. Journalists who interviewed Mrs. Gandhi sometime in the beginning of 1984 also report to have heard her say that Sukhbir Singh Badal, son of the Punjab CM was like a son to the late Prime Minister. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has brushed aside any such claims and stated that her late mother-in-law was a woman of strong character and high morales.

Meanwhile wide spread protests have been raging in the Indian capital following the release of the book, entitled "When Gandhi met Badal". Rioters clashed with police who had to resort to using tear gas.


Sukhbir Badal Files Multi million dollar defamation case against internet poster Mehtab

Chandigarh(ANI): Sukhbir Badal, President Akali Dal (Badal) has filed a defamation case against an internet poster known by the name of Mehtab Singh on various internet forums. Initial sources revealed that Mehtab Singh has been particularly active in gossiping around various political leaders of Punjab. Brushing aside the allegations made by Mehtab Singh ,Sukhbir said that if he an ilegitmate child , then so is Rajiv Gandhi.
Insiders reveal that Mehtab Singh is now facing a multi-million dollar case which he is likely to loose. But when we spoke to some Badal Dal workers who wish to be kept anonymous , they said that the news was indeed true and what Mehtab Singh has said what they couldnt say for a long time.More than two -third of Akali Dal(badal) workers have sought resignation from Sukhbir and now want Mehtab Singh to head Akali Dal.Apparently they want the new party be named as Akali Dal( MehtabAprilSingh)

New Delhi- After receiving summons from the Patiala High Court for defaming the name of the Badals, Mehtab Singh has challenged Punjab CM's son Sukhbir Singh Badal to get his DNA tested and prove that his mother is not the late Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Mehtab claims to have medical evidence that Sukhbir's mother is the slain PM who gave birth to him an year after his father, the Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal assisted her in ousting the then PM of India, the late Shri Morarji Desai. Speculations have started arising as to what exactly the assistance was. Unclaimed reports also indicate towards suspicion of Indira having another illegitimate child from General Kuldeep Singh Brar who was the main hand behind Operation Bluestar, the assault on the holiest Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple. Brar has denied any such report and states that he was diagnosed as impotent soon after the assasination of Mrs. Gandhi.

- Reuters

JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU:—Jawahar Lal’s father was Moti Lal and Moti Lal’s father was Gangadhar Nehru. His wife was Kamala Kaul Nehru, who died in Switzerland of Tuberculosis. M. O. Mathai in his book– “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age”– which opens secret of Jahawarlal Nehru relationship with a Beneras girl. His relationship with several teens ,  drinking wine, smoking with Edwina Mountabattien & others secretly. (Link:– )

Nehru wrote letters to Edwina , after she left India, until her death. In his letters, Nehru often sought Edwina’s advice on matters of governance and strategy, according to British author Janet Morgan who was given access to the correspondence by the Mountbatten family. Morgan was given a small box weighing more than five pounds. The box contained all the letters Nehru wrote to Edwina between 1948 and 1960. A few of them even had a rose pressed between the pages.According to Morgan, in one of those letters, Pandit Nehru apparently wrote about the embarrassment VK Krishna Menon, India’s first high commissioner to the Court of St. James, had become.Pamela Mountbatten, daughter of Lord Mountbatten and Edwina, in an interview to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate on CNN-IBN news channel, said that the Edwina-Nehru relationship was also of use to her father. And that Lord Mountbatten often appealed to Nehru given the influence Edwina had; this was particularly useful while handling tricky situations like Kashmir.



In 1929 Nehru father Motilal made a report , after that Muslims in India demanded new country.Then Jinnah who was in Congress Party was forced to join Muslim League.Nehru was so eager to take position of Prime Minister,created differences with Jinnah.Nehru even didn`t thought of poor people who died in civil war between Hindus Vs Muslims.
(Link:– )

Nehru is responsible for division of India. Jinnah wanted some reservations on Muslim minority but Nehru`s only vision was to be Prime Minister of India. In 1929 , that happened due to Nehru report Vs Jinnah report .  Sardar patel was the prime and senior candidate for Prime Minister position but Nehru got Vote & support of Mahatma Gandhi .

In 1931 Nehru & his congress party could save to BHAGAT SINGH , but he didn`t. At that time he ignored the matter.

In 1934 when Mahatama Gandhi isolated from Indian National Congress due to bad policy , Nehru was president of congress who decided to support Britishers in 2nd World War. This took 10 years time from 1934-1944 , delayed in freedom.

Why Jinnah Joined Muslim League, because protested Congress support to join with Britain on World war 2—

The truth is Gandhiji resigned from Indian National Congress in 1934 & never joined. Nehru wanted to be the Prime Minister of India. He had vote of just 2 persons out of 14, congress voted 12 votes to Sardar Patel. At that time Nehru blackmailed Gandhi that he will breakup Congress & then Britishers will divide India into 536 Princely States.Also , Gandhiji was not in Delhi at the time of Independence Day either on 14th Jan or 15th Jan. Gandhiji was in Kolkata,he said that is not a full independence. That greed brought division of India.

In 1948 he foolishly gave Kashmir matter to United Nations without caring people. He was waiting for social unrest in Kashmir in 1947 ..It was Sardar Vallavbhai patel who made India as a Republic merged Hyderabad & Junagadh.
( Link:– )

He also refused to join UN offer of India`s permanent membership & gave this to China.
(Link:– )

He was scared of truth, was trying to weak Indian Army. In 1961 he went to China & gave statement that Tibet is not a part of China but part of Indian occupied Tibet(Sikkim) is part of India , without boosting Indian Army, that brought China attack on India on 1962.

CIA war Analysis on 1962 Indo-China war–


INDIRA GANDHI:—Jawaharlal Nehru only daughter was Pridarshani Nehru (Lalbahadur Shastri gave her name Indira) who later married to Feroz Khan ,was from the Junagadh area of Gujarat, a grocer supplied wines, etc. to Anand Bhavan, previously known as Ishrat Manzil, which once belonged to a lawyer named Mobarak Ali. Moti Lal Nehru was earlier an employee of Mobarak Ali. Feroze Khan, was then in England with pridarshani Gandhi , married in a London mosque. Feroze’s mother’s family name was Ghandy, often associated with Parsis and this was changed to Gandhi, sometime before his wedding with Indira Gandhi, by an affidavit.But Indira gandhi married to another man named Mohammad Yunus.After Rajiv’s birth Indira and Feroze lived separately, but they were not divorced.

In 1971 Indira Gandhi gave support to “Muktiwahanisena” in East Pakistan, she also ignored 40 Lakh illegal immigrants in North-East, now in West Bengal illegal Bangladeshi are more than 2 crore. (Link:– )

She also released 90,000 Pakistani soldiers in 1971 war without taking Indian soldiers who were captured by Pakistani Army.

This kind of ignorance & neglence on North-East india creates extremism & militancy in India in 1980s.

She also failed to stop huge amount of corruption that brought 1977 revolution under J.P. Narayan, but she arrogantly made emergency in 1977.
(Link:– )


SANJAY GANDHI:–Incidentally, Sanjay Gandhi(a playboy) marriage with the Sikh girl Menaka (modeled for Bombay Dyeing wearing just a towel) took place in Md. Yunus( showed unhappiness in his book– ‘Persons, Passions & Politics’) house in New Delhi.


RAJIV GANDHI:–-Rajiv Gandhi was son of Mohammad Yunus,changed his religion to become a Catholic to marry Sania Maino of Turin, Italy. Rajiv became Roberto. His daughter’s name is Bianca(priyanka) and son’s name is Raul(Rahul). he mislead people of India that he was a Mechanical Engineer but he not passes a single exam .He gave press conference in London after Prime Minister that he was a parsi but cremated as per vedic rites in full view of India’s public.

When her mother Indira died in 1984 he has given full support to Congress supporters in Delhi to spread pogroms in Delhi , Gave huge amount of money, Liquors,Arms to Congressmen to spread violence against Sikhs only for vote-Bank politics, played with emotions of people.

In 1989 he also supported Ayodhya issue to gain Hindu Vote, later  Congress Government ( P.V. Narshima Rao)  ordered to demolish Babri Maszid.
Quattorachi met sonia Gandhi 21 times after Rajiv Gandhi death between 1991 to 1993—

In 1989 when Congress Government was in Centre & in Bhopal ,Rajiv Gandhi supported to flee Bhopal Gas Tragedy suspect Enron owner Quattorochi.

In 1990 he ordered Indian Army to do nothing against extremism , later terrorists killed thousands of Hindus in Kashmir , and 4 Lakh forced to migrate. Because at that time congress was in no mood to displease their vote-bank people & party .
( Link:- )

26/11 wikileaks– Miniority politics

Sonia Gandhi truth–   http://www.india-

Political unrest
Opponents had long made allegations that Indira's party, Congress, had practiced electoral fraud to win the 1971 elections. The Gandhian socialist Jayaprakash Narayan had been agitating in Bihar for a change in provincial government, and increasingly sought to direct popular action against the Central Government through satyagrahas.
Narayan and his supporters sought to unify students, peasants, and labour organisations in a 'Total Revolution' to nonviolently transform Indian society. Indira's party was defeated in Gujarat by a coalition of parties calling itself the Janata Party (People's Party), and even faced an all-party, no-confidence motion in Parliament.
[edit]The Allahabad conviction
See also State of Uttar Pradesh v. Raj Narain
Raj Narain, who had been defeated in parliamentary election by Indira Gandhi, lodged cases of election fraud and use of state machinery for election purposes against Mrs. Indira Gandhi in the Allahabad High Court. On 12 June 1975, Justice Jagmohanlal Sinha of the Allahabad High Court found the Prime Minister guilty on the charge of misuse of government machinery for her election campaign. The court declared her election null and void and unseated her from her seat in the Lok Sabha. The court also banned her from contesting any election for an additional six years. Some serious charges such as bribing voters and election malpractices were dropped and she was held responsible for misusing the government machinery, and found guilty on charges such as using the state police to build a dais, availing the services of a government officer, Yashpal Kapoor, during the elections before he had resigned from his position, and use of electricity from the state electricity department. Because the court unseated her on comparatively frivolous charges, while she was acquitted on more serious charges, The Times described it as 'firing the Prime Minister for a traffic ticket'. However, strikes in labor and trade unions, student unions and government unions swept across the country. Protests led by J.P.Narayan, Raj Narain and Morarji Desai flooded the streets of Delhi close to the Parliament building and the Prime Minister's residence. The persistent efforts of Raj Narain, was praised worldwide as it took over four years for Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha to finally pass judgement against Indira Gandhi. The ruling later became the primary reason for the imposition of emergency by Indira Gandhi.
Do you think Indira Gandhi was fraud?
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Indian Scam History:

From : Priyangshu Borthakur at 08:23 PM - Oct 24, 2009 (22 months ago)

Total Views:  Share it on Facebook   In India, when we read the word SCAM (GAFLA), a few names blink in our mind. Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh and R. Raju!! That’s all? These are the most familiar names we know. But in this article we are going to study some unknown or forgotten hidden dragons of Indian SCAM (Gafla) History after independence of our nation. some rare pictures of people involved in these scams are uploaded!!

In India, when we read the word scam(gafla), a few names blink in our mind. Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh and R. Raju!! That’s all? These are the most familiar names we know. But in this article we are going to expose some unknown or forgotten hidden dragons of Indian scam (gafla) History after independence of our nation.

Let’s start with the 1st decade after independence. Well, no wonder people have forgotten it because so many other important events were there to remember.

Year: 1948

Name: V.K.Krishna Menon

In year 1948, V K Krishna Menon’s  name was linked to a scandal .The Indian government had placed an order with a London-based firm, that had false credentials or no credentials. Indian government placed 2000 jeep order. While most of the money was paid up front, just 155 jeeps landed. Important point to note down that Krishna Menon went on to become Jawaharlal Nehru’s trusted supporter / follower and the defence minister. OK, don’t give a sarcastic look with moving one eyebrow up! :-D still much more to read!

Year: 1949

Name: Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh

We Indians have bad memory, and in addition, big heart!! Does anyone remember that in 1949, Mr Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh, industrial minister ,was guest of Indian jail for 3 years for taking a bribe from a diamond merchant Mr Sachendu Baron. Bribe of Rs 25,000. Reason was  to renew his diamond- mining lease!! Please note, only Rs 25,000 exchanged hands “on paper”. (if you still wonder the name Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh you have heard somewhere… I would like to add that he was father of Mr Arjun Singh) :-)

Year: 1958

Name: T T krishnamachari, H.M.Patel , L.S.Vidhyanathan

Krishnamachari(Finance  minister), H.M.Patel (Secretary) (Oh, again one Gujarati) , Vidhyanathan(LIC chairman), are some of the names linked to a Scam(gafla).The whole scam(gafla) was exposed by Firoz Gandhi(better known as Indira Gandhi’s husband), scam(gafla) was about investing LIC money in companies owned by one person. Name was Haidas Mundra. Amount of investment was 1.25 crore. After being exposed Krishnamurti resigned and Haidas Mundra had to visit Indian jail for some years.  Think again friends, is your investment safe in your favourite insurance company?


Name: Ramakrishna Dalmia

In the year 1959, R.K. Dalmia, chairman of Bharat Insurance Company misused his position for around Rs 2.2 crore Scam(gafla). Of course, he was arrested later on and sent to jail for two years. That is why i m writing this article now.( you did not noticed the name of the company. It was insurance company again) :-)

Year : 1960

Name: Dharma Teja

A business man named Dharma Teja got government loan for starting shipping company. Amount 22 crore Rs. (remember ,in 1960)  And he shipped the same amount out of the country!! No one knew that is what he meant when he said Shipping Company!! He was arrested and jailed for 6 years in Europe.(lucky chap) !.

Year :1965

Name: Biju Patnnayak.

Biju Patnayak was arrested by Indian police when the scam(gafla) was exposed. He favored his private company named Kalinga Tube for government contract. He did not succeed at that time but after man years his son became chief minister of the same state. (it happens only in India)


Name: Indira Gandhi (yes, Indira Gandhi)

One guy named Mr Nagarwal impersonated Indira Gandhi on phone and got 60 lacs. Rs. From SBI. Later Mr Nagarwal and the officer who was investigation in charge died suspiciously…! That is all we know about the scam(gafla). No one was arrested in this case. (Happy ending?!!)


Name: Indira Gandhi (again!!!), Sanjay Gandhi

This case is known as Marulti scam(gafla)! Indira Gandhi’s name came up again to favor his son for license to make passenger can in restrictive environment area. Again that is all i know about that scam(gafla).

Year: 1976

Name: Indira Gandhi (hat trick!!), Sanjay Gandhi

This is the year when oil price was falling. A future contract on oil was awarded to Kuo Oil Co. to take future delivery. Government lost 13 crore Rs. In this transaction. One belief is there that this amount had gone to Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. In one word we can say it was a “scam(gafla)”


Name: H.N.Bahuguna, N.N.Kapadia(a Gujarati again), P.C.Sethi and K P Unnikrishnan

These names were well known during 1980s. From the Eighties, H.N.Bahuguna(petroleum secretary), P.C.Sethi (petroleum minister ) and many other people were arrested in scam(gafla) of Thal Vaishet Project, which were awarded with violation of norms, to one Italian company Snamprogetti (tough to pronounce,but easy to write) :-) !!


Name: A.R.Antulay

The scandal is known at Great Maharashtra Cement scam(Gafla) (even if it is Scam(gafla), “great” word is always there with Maharashtra :-) ). A.R.Antulay, Chief minister of Maharashtra was charged for giving the cement contract to private company for personal gain.

Year: 1986-87

Name: Rajeev Gandhi

Rajeev Gandhi and other were accused to receive Rs.64 crore in payoff for 155 mm howitzer deal from Swedish firm named Bofors. We all know this Scam(gafla) as Bofors scam(gafla).


Name: L.K.Advani, V.C.Shukla, C.K.Jaffer Sharief, Arif Mohammed Khan, Madan Lal Khurana, Kalpnath Rai, N.D.Tiwari (Not a single Gujarati in list!!)

In year 1991, L.K.Advani, V.C.Shukla, C.K.Jaffer Sharief, Arif Mohammed Khan, Madan Lal Khurana, Kalpnath Rai, N.D.Tiwari (Not a single Gujarati in list!!) Were accused for 64 crore Rs. Jain Hawala scam(gafla). As a common man all we know is the name of this scam(gafla) i.e. Havala scam(gafla).

Year: 1991

Name: Harshad Mehta :-)

1991 was the year which changes the scale of financial scam(gafla) in India. Rs.10,000 crore Rs. Security scam(gafla) by the person (Gujarati person) named Harshad Mehta with other baned SBI, NHB, Gridlays, City bank, Stanchart. Indian scams(gafla) are rising with time. ( they say India is a growing nation.)


Name: Laloo Prasad Yadav (we have reason to smile while reading this name)

Bihar Chief minister Laloo and other politicians were accused to siphoned 950 crore Rs. From state animal husbandry department. The case is still unsolved mystery.


Name: Gopalkrishnan.

Gopalkrishnan was managing director of Indian bank.  He was accused to sanction loan of 1500 crore Rs. To companies without adequate securities.

Year: 1996

Name : Sukhram,Runu ghosh.

Formar telecom minister Sukhram and Ghosh were charged for the first Indian telecom scam(gafla). They were accused to give favours to many telecom companies. Approximately 1 million $ notes were found at his place. They were charged to favour Advanced Radio Mast Ltd.(ARM) for some telecom contracts. Later they were arrested.

Year : 1996

Name : Maharashtra government

In 1996 owners of several large shoe companies in Mumbai were charged to have floated bogus cobbler co-operatives firms to get low interest loans from the Maharashtra government.

Year: 1998-2000

Name: Dot com companies.

During 1998-2000 there was a bubble of Initial Public Offering. Many companies decided to go public. Everyone wanted to go public. They are using one word “diversification” for public fund. Total stupidity. They are showing some unrealistic diversification and getting huge amount from small investors. No name was written above because many companies were raising public funding that way. I am sure if you are still reading this article you must be victim of such scam(gafla) by any of those companies. We know this scam(gafla) as Vanishing Companies scam(gafla). During these period many other scam(gafla)s took place. One of them was the growth of non-banking finance companies (NBFC). Most of them built houses of cards, took investors for a massive ride and died.

Year: 2000

Name: plantation companies.

It was funny. Who will believe that it was golden period of plantation companies.
Investors were asked invest in some dummy schemes. For example: “Put money in one teak tree and you will get 2000 times the returns in nine years”, they were promised. The plantation companies could get away with wild profit projections and there were no regulation on these companies.  And we think investor in India is smart!!!

Year: 2000-2002

Name: Ketan Parekh

One more bubble was generated by this mastermind during era of dot com. He managed to handle 1500 crore scam(gafla) with help of some banks. It was time when the big bailout of Unit Trust of India came. Since UTI is set up under its own Act, it was the taxpayers who paid for the Rs 4,800 crore bailout in 1999. In 2003, it was back buying recklessly into the Ketan Parekh- traded  scrips and later suffering big losses in the process. And after that Ketan Parekh was arrested and banned in Indian stock exchange. But no one is responsible for small investors’ huge losses till date.

Year: 2008

Name : R. Raju.

Mr.E.A.Sharma former secretary of economic affairs department was not satisfied  with Satyam’s balance sheet. But no one took him seriously, or E.Sreedharan, managing director of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) when he alleged that the Andhra metro rail line alignment was altered and extended to benefit the bidder (Maytas). Nobody questioned Satyam’s quarter-to-quarter growth and margins. Nobody wondered why the promoters were constantly dis-investing in their company and  in 2008, during world recession period, one scam(gafla) was exposed and Satyam bubble busted. Rest is history we all know very well.


This is 2009. And we all are living in same country. The motive behind this article is not to create panic in investor. It is just information. When one scam(gafla) takes place, it is not because of the master mind behind that scam(gafla) but unawareness of investors.
Sadly, investors in all countries get carried away by media, hype and stupid publicity. They do not have the time to study or the knowledge to analyse their investments. Nobody has time to study their investment if things are going good. And they will analyse the same when scam(gafla) is exposed. They wake up as the scam(gafla) is exposed. You, me and everyone… We all are part of this system. We all face this situation. Making money is stock exchange is very easy… But some homework is needed. And it is must. It’s like “Najhar Hati Durghatna Ghati” !! Precaution is better than cure. Invest wisely. Give time to your investment.

Moral of the Article :

Caution: stock market investment is subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.

Bofors Scandal
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bofors scandal was a major corruption scandal in India in the 1980s and 1990s, initiated by Congress politicians and implicating the prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi and several others who were accused of receiving kickbacks from Bofors AB for winning a bid to supply India's 155 mm field howitzer. The scale of the corruption was far worse than any that India had seen before and directly led to the defeat of Gandhi's ruling Indian National Congress party in the November 1989 general elections. The Swedish company paid INR64 crore (US$11.65 million) in kickbacks to top Indian politicians and key defense officials. The case came into light during Vishwanath Pratap Singh's tenure as defence minister, and was revealed through investigative journalism by a team led by N. Ram of the newspaper The Hindu. The journalist who secured the over 350 documents that detailed the payoffs was Chitra Subramaniam reporting for The Hindu. Later the articles were published in The Indian Express and The Statesman when The Hindu stopped publishing stories about the Bofors scandal under immense government pressure and Chitra Subramaniam moved to the two newspapers. In an interview to her published in The Hoot in April 2012 on the 25th anniverssary of the revelations Lindstrom, former chief of Swedish police discussd why he leaked the documents and the role of whistle-blowers in a democracy

Chronology of events and investigation

On March 24, 1986, a $285 million (about INR 1,500 crore) contract between the Govt of India and Swedish arms company Bofors was signed for supply of 410 155mm Howitzer field guns. About an year later, on April 16, 1987, Swedish Radio alleged that Bofors paid kickbacks to top Indian politicians and key defence officials to seal the deal.

The middleman associated with the scandal was Ottavio Quattrocchi, an Italian businessman who represented the petrochemicals firm Snamprogetti. Quattrocchi was reportedly close to the family of Gandhi and emerged as a powerful broker in the 1980s between big businesses and the Indian government. While the case was being investigated, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on May 21, 1991 for an unrelated cause by the LTTE. In 1997, the Swiss banks released some 500 documents after years of legal battle. On October 22, 1999 (when National Democratic Alliance government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party was in power) the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed the first chargesheet against Quattrocchi, Win Chadha, Rajiv Gandhi, the defence secretary S. K. Bhatnagar and a number of others. In second half of 2001, Win Chadha and S. K. Bhatnagar died.

On June 10, 2002, Delhi High Court quashed all proceedings in the case so far. However, this was reversed by Supreme Court of India on July 7, 2003.

Meanwhile the central government changed and Indian National Congress came to power after 2004 Lok Sabha elections. On February 5, 2004, the Delhi High Court quashed the charges of bribery against Rajiv Gandhi and others, On May 31, 2005, the Delhi High Court dismissed the allegations against the British business brothers, Shrichand, Gopichand and Prakash Hinduja, but charges against others remain. In December 2005, Mr B. Daat, the Additional Solicitor General of India, acting on behalf of the Indian Government and the CBI, requested the British Government that two British bank accounts of Ottavio Quattrocchi be unfrozen on the grounds of insufficient evidence to link these accounts to the Bofors payoff. The two accounts, containing €3 million and $1 million, had been frozen. On January 16, the Indian Supreme Court directed the Indian government to ensure that Ottavio Quattrocchi did not withdraw money from the two bank accounts in London. The CBI, the Indian federal law enforcement agency, on January 23, 2006 admitted that roughly Rs 21 crore, about US $4.6 million, in the two accounts have already been withdrawn by the accused. The British government released the funds later.

However, on January 16, 2006, CBI claimed in an affidavit filed before the Supreme Court that they were still pursuing extradition orders for Quattrocchi. The Interpol, at the request of the CBI, has a long-standing red corner notice to arrest Quattrocchi. Quattrocchi was detained in Argentina on 6 February 2007, but the news of his detention was released by the CBI only on 23 February. Quattrocchi was released by Argentinian police. However, his passport was impounded and he was not allowed to leave the country.

As there was no extradition treaty between India and Argentina, the case was presented in the Argentine Supreme Court. The government of India lost the extradition case as the government of India did not provide a key court order which was the basis of Quattrochi's arrest. In the aftermath, the government did not appeal this decision because of delays in securing an official English translation of the court's decision.

A Delhi court provided temporary relief for Quattrocchi from the case, for lack of sufficient evidence against him, on 4 March 2011. However the case is still going on.

Allegations against CBI

CBI has been criticised by experts, social workers, political parties and people at large for the manner in which it has handled this case. Some points to note are:

  • Delay in lodging an FIR
  • Delay in sending letter rogatories
  • Not appealing against an judgement of the Delhi High Court in 2004
  • De-freezing of Quattrocchi's bank account in London by saying to the Crown Prosecutor that there is no case against Qutrocchi 
  • Putting up a very weak case for Quattrocchi's extradition from Argentina. Subsequently, no appeal against lower court's verdict
  • The withdrawal of the Interpol Red Corner notice 
  • Finally, withdrawal of its case against Quattrocchi. Reacting to this, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Vinod Yadav said that, "I agree that there are certain malafide intentions in the case and there is no doubt in that"

Source :


BJP chief Nitin Gadkari on Sunday launched a counter-attack on the Congress which has alleged that he owned a flat at the controversial Adarsh Housing Cooperative Society through proxy.

The BJP president tried to link an aide of a Congress leader with irregularities in organising of the Commonwealth Games (CWG).

Addressing a rally in the outskirts of the Capital, he alleged that a real estate major which was involved in construction of the Commonwealth Games Village was involved in a “scam”. “Who owns this company? One of its owners is one Gupta. His nephew is Kanishka Singh. You all know who he is.....I seek answers from Congress president Sonia Gandhi,” he said addressing the rally.

Kanishka Singh, an aide of Rahul Gandhi, was quoted as saying by the PTI that the allegation was “entirely baseless with an ulterior purpose”.

AMETHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said he is "not too concerned" about Satyam Computer fraud in the long run as India has very  
Satyam's Development Centres
The Great Fall of Satyam
deep strength in IT but wanted the "guilty should be punished."

"On the one hand, the strength that we have in IT is a very deep strength. So with a long term view ... in a long term perspective, I am not too concerned about Satyam development," Gandhi replied to a query on how concerned he was about the Satyam Computers scam.

He, however, made it clear that this does not mean that unlawful activities that took place should be ignored.

"On the other hand there has been activities that are unlawful and they should be looked into and the guilty should be punished," Gandhi added.

Congress earlier said that the ruling UPA has made a distinction between Satyam, the company and its founder Ramalinga Raju and acted in a proactive and decisive manner to bail out the beleaguered company.

Beard Rahul Gandhi’s surprise visit to Gujarat, spends 8 hours at IRMA
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 10 August, 2010
Rahul visited IRMA in SUV without red light and siren. Even no local police security was sought

Congress party’s national General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday paid surprise visit to Gujarat.

Gandhi reached central Gujarat’s Anand based Institute of Rural Management(IRMA) and attended a closed door meeting organised by Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) in the morning. The institute is hosting a two-day long consultation on “the challenges of negotiating India’s rural transformation: Evolving strategies for IRMA’s response” which started on Tuesday.

As soon as Rahul entered the campus, his security persons took control of the main gate of the institute and didn’t allow media persons to enter inside.

Rahul Gandhi was beard, and on driving seat of the black SUV when he arrived. He was not dressed in his identical political white kurta/payjama dress but was in shirt and trouser.He drove himself from Ahmedabad airport to Anand. He was noting important points in his personal diary during eight hour workshop. He took lunch with other participants in the workshop itself. Rahul left Anand at around 5:30 and went back to Delhi through Ahmedabad airport at 7:40 pm.

Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were out of India for a week time, which had created controversy. After their arrival in India, Rahul Gandhi resurfaced for the first time in public today in Gujarat.

It should be mentioned that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s one of the daughters had studied in IRMA.

Few things have exposed the state of political reporting in India than the news that Sonia Gandhi is unwell.

Dozens of reporters, most of whom claim more “access” to 10, Janpath than all the rest, cover the Congress party.

Yet, in a throwback to the Cold War days, none knew or none told the world what was wrong, although there had been strong whispers for nearly a year.


Neelam Deo and Manjeet Kripalani of the Bombay-based Indian council of global relations, Gateway House:

As TV channels fell over each other [on August 4] to cover in minute detail, the unseemly succession drama of the chief minister of Karnataka, and the CAG’s naming of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit in the graft and corruption surrounding CWG, by 2.30 pm foreign TV agencies, the BBC and Agence France-Presse reported that Sonia Gandhi, had undergone surgery in the United States.

The foreign news reports named Gandhi’s spokesperson, Janardhan Dwivedi, as the source of the information….

The news of Sonia Gandhi’s undisclosed illness and secret departure came as a shock to Indians… Democratic institutions like the media and the Parliament, which should have disclosed Gandhi’s condition as a matter of public knowledge, had kept silent.

The Congress Party carried no notice of its leader’s illness on its website, and it is significant that its spokesperson confirmed the news first to the foreign press.

If it felt it could not trust the Indian media with responsible reportage, the Indian media as a collective, has given it good reason. It is, increasingly part of the cozy nexus of politicians and bureaucrats in Delhi, and is often partisan in its coverage, scoffing at the public’s right to know important events.

New Delhi: A veil of secrecy continues to shroud the illness of Congress president Sonia Gandhi with even Indian missions in the US not being kept in the loop about where she is being treated.

The Congress has been sparing in information about her sudden illness with party spokesperson Janardan Dwivedi last week telling the media to respect her privacy. He said on Friday that the operation performed on Gandhi was successful, but did not disclose the condition that led to her surgery in the US.

Gandhi is expected to be in New York for another three weeks for recovery, said sources.

According to some sources, Pulok Chatterjee, Gandhi's former private secretary, took leave from the World Bank where he is currently serving as executive director to handle logistics related to her treatment. Chatterjee has informed the World Bank that he will be back in Washington Aug 10.

Chatterjee will be returning soon to take over as principal secretary in the Prime Minister's Office.

While the debate on whether powerful political figures should hide their medical condition rages, reliable sources said that the Gandhi family wanted to keep it a strictly private affair.

Neither the Indian embassy in Washington nor the Indian consulate in New York are disclosing in which hospital in the US Gandhi is being treated.

The unusual secrecy has fanned speculation that Gandhi might be suffering from cancer, with some unconfirmed reports saying she is recovering at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the world's leading cancer treatment institute, in New York.

The hospital has refused to confirm she was admitted there, saying it respects patients' privacy.

The hospital apparently does not have Gandhi's name in the patient data system. Sources said she may be an an unlisted VIP patient.

A photograph in an Indian daily showed members of the Indian Congress Party in New York wishing Gandhi a speedy recovery outside Sloan Kettering.

Veteran journalist, envoy and MP Kuldip Nayar, who has served as former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri's media adviser and chronicled India's public life for decades, backs greater transparency about Gandhi's illness.

'This should be transparent. This is how the relationship between the government and the people exists. Sonia Gandhi is the head of the ruling coalition and therefore represents the government,' Nayar said.

'The Congress party should share with the people the nature of her illness and how long she will be under treatment. As they have maintained secrecy, it has fed all kinds of speculation. And these rumours are alarming,' Nayar told IANS.

In the US and other democracies - quite in contrast to the opaqueness in authoritarian systems - health of political leaders and those in the public eye is under constant media scrutiny, but in India many politicians are known to hide their illness for a variety of reasons.

India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, for example, had a stroke in Bhubaneswar but people were kept in the dark about his health right till his death in May 1964.

But since then there has been more transparency over the health of political leaders and the public kept informed about the knee surgeries of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee or the heart surgery and other medical problems of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from time to time.


New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi is in the US for an undisclosed medical treatment, the party said on Thursday. Gandhi placed her son Rahul and three others to oversee the country's oldest party during the two or three weeks she is expected to be away.

The Congress did not reveal the nature of 64-year-old Sonia Gandhi's illness but informed sources told IANS that she was being treated at the Memorail Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. The hospital refused to confirm or deny that she was admitted there. The party also did not say when she left India.

Congress chief spokesperson Janardhan Dwivedi said Sonia would undergo surgery on Friday or Saturday, contradicting his own earlier statement that the operation had already been performed.
He said that Sonia Gandhi had formed a four-member group, including Rahul, a general secretary, to look after party affairs in her absence. Rahul is also, at present, accompanying his mother for the medical treatment abroad.

Besides Gandhi, the others in the group are long-time loyalists Defence Minister A.K. Antony, political secretary to Congress president, Ahmed Patel and Dwivedi himself.

'Sonia Gandhi has been recently diagnosed with a medical condition that requires surgery. On advice from her doctors, she has travelled abroad and is likely to be away for two to three weeks,' Dwivedi said here.

Congress sources said she had an abdomen-related ailment.

According to party sources, Gandhi was down with viral fever since Sunday and could not attend meetings of the Congress core committee.

Her last known public engagement was her 24-hour visit to Bangladesh from July 24.

Answering queries on Sonia Gandhi's health, Congress spokesman Manish Tewari said the party had already issued a statement and even public personalities were entitled to certain amount of privacy in medical issues.

'Even public personalities are entitled to certain amount of privacy in so far as the medical attention is concerned and I do hope that our friends in the media would bear that sensitivity in mind,' he said.

Asked if Rahul Gandhi's presence in the group was an indication of a bigger role for him in the organisation, Tewari said the statment made by Dwivedi did not need elaboration.

'I think there is a certain amount of circumspection and a certain amount of discretion and certain amount of sensitivity that needs to be exercised. As and when if there is any update, we will keep you informed,' he said.

To a question about choice of a cabinet minister in the group, Tewari said the Congress president has entrusted the duty of looking after the day to day affairs of the party to senior persons who have also served in the organisation and there is no need to offer any comment on the committee.

'As I said earlier, I do not think there is any need to comment further on a decision which the Congress president herself has taken,' he said.

Answering another question, Tewari said Rahul Gandhi was accompanying the Congress president.

'Shri Rahul Gandhi is with his mother and as and when there is any update with regard to his travel plans, we will keep you informed,' he said.

On Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi wishing Sonia Gandhi speedy recovery, Tewari said if somebody has wished her speedy recovery, there was no need to extrapolate it politically or otherwise.

A party leader said the Congress headquarters had received reports of prayer meetings and 'havans' conducted in different parts of the country, wishing Gandhi a speedy recovery.

Gandhi Family new land scam!
« on: August 03, 2011, 03:13:40 PM »

A new land scam been revealed by farmers of Hariyana state, Gurgaon. Which directly connected to Gandhi family members.

A few years back 850 acres of land been aquired from farmers of Hariyan by state government for development. People had their building, fields and houses on this land and they still have to give away this property.

Soon after that 5 acres of this land allotted to Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Eye Hospital. The land has been given on lease for 33 years on price of 15lakh. Actual price of this land is much bigger that is 50 crore.

Farmers realized this fraud and they decided to go in High court, and they filed the case. High court soon going to start hearing.

Farmers demanded their land back rather than compensation. If this land can be used for other purposes then they want it back as per law.

Once again all rules and regulations been violated by state authorities for Gandhi family, since Soina, Rahul and Priyanka are Trustees of this hospital.

There is a possibility of more such scams on this land.

Any comments? If is this subject taboo? Will gladly delete if so....

Feroz Gandhi grand son of Indira Gandhi is considering legal action against the American author of the book "The life of Indira Gandhi" K. Frank. published by Harper Collins in London.

The book alleges:

Sanjay Gandhi had eliminated opponents during India's infamous Emergency in 1975. Sanjay Gaandhi who died in a air crash ordered his "hitmen"to "liquidate" several "human targets".

The book also explores Mrs. Indira Gandhi's problematic sex life and the possibility that her husband FEROZE GANDHI have had an affair with her mother KAMALA NEHRU.

Biography Book is less then flattering about Maneka Gandhi. It describes her as "erratic and uncontrolled" and says her "wild outbursts and tantrums" created a "pervasive atmosphere of uncertaainty and anxiety".

The book alleges that Mrs. Gandhi have had affair with the Private secretary to Jawaharlal Nehru Mr. M. O. Mathai and many others.

"The only thing I did was to assess whether these rumors were credible" Frank said. "I included them because everyone in Indira Gandhi's circle knew about them........It was 1000% inconceivable that Mrs. Gandhi's husband had an affair with the woman who became his mothert-in-law, she said.

As I said in beginning will gladly delete if taboo subject.
Have no idea how majority of Indians feel...

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Who is this Feroze Gandhi
Tantric, As far as I know Indira Gandhi had two sons Rajiv and Sanjay. Rajiv has a son called Rahul and Sanjay has one called Varun. Who is this Feroze Gandhi? Does Sanjay have two sons Varun and Feroze?

There is no reason why this subject should be considered as taboo. India is a free country where people have freedom of expression.

People like Feroze Gandhi give undue importance to these issues. After all this is an allegation and nothing is proved. Of course I wouldn't put it beside Sanjay Gandhi to get rid of his opponents.

Regarding affairs between Kamala Nehru and her son-in-law it is their personal affair and doesn't concern anybody. People have this bad habbit of putting their noses in other people's affairs.

Family secrets

L.K. Advani may have expressed deep regret over the allegations against Sonia Gandhi and her family in the BJP task force report on black money, surprising many of his party colleagues and allies — but the RSS is persisting with the charges, perhaps revealing the rift on the issue within the Sangh Parivar.

A front-page article in the latest issue of its weekly Organiser refers to an exposé by Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte about the bribes allegedly taken by 14 leaders of various Third World countries, and says that the late Rajiv Gandhi’s name figured among those who had reportedly stashed away this money in secret Swiss bank accounts. “The name and the photograph of the late Rajiv Gandhi appears along with that of other 13 leaders with a remark that bribes of 2.5 billion Swiss francs are kept in secret accounts in Switzerland. The amount of SF 2.5 billion equals $2.2 billion. This amount was said to have been in existence from prior to June 1988,” it says. In fact, the article goes a step further and quotes passages from a book The State Within a State: the KGB and its Hold on Russia — Past, Present, and Future by Yevgenia Albats to level more allegations against the Gandhi family and its association with the KGB. The editorial also focuses on the BJP’s task force report, and calls it a “valuable document.”

Saturday, July 23, 2005
Gandhi dynasty - Behind the facade

Keerthi Reddy
Behind the Facade of Priyanka Gandhi - The Genesis of Tyranny

"Yeh Hamara Kshetra Hai" (This is our area!) thundered the nasal voice from the campaign platform at Rae Bareli. Sound like a mobster declaring his turf? Nope, it was the voice of the 28 year old inheritor of the Gandhi family's branded glamour puss, the Great White Hope for a nation composed of nearly a billion "darkies", the future Empress of India's underprivileged herself, Shrimati Priyanka Vadhra Gandhi. The Indian media has found itself a new goddess to worship. The object of their affection is the product of the union between Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. This election campaign has revealed that come hell or high water, the Indian press has taken it upon itself to groom and project this 28 year old half Italian, as the future leader of India.

Elaborate mythologies and biographies have already been concocted for future editorials about her. The past months have exposed this little game of the newspapers as everyday's headlines were peppered with effusive eulogies in praise of Priyanka. From her choice of Sari on a given day to her "striking" resemblance to Indira, to the number of Jalebis that she consumed at Achhe Lal's shop, every minute boring moment of Priyanka Vadhra's life seems to be the subject of unmitigated interest to her devout Bhakts from the Indian Press. It doesn't seem to make any difference to them that the general public could give two hoots about the color of Priyanka's Saree. So it's pretty clear what the motivations of the press are, to act as the manipulators who are preparing the ground for Priyanka's crowning. Given the utter failure of Sonia Gandhi to project herself as a viable political leader of the Indian masses, the agenda seems to have shifted now to focus on Priyanka the hope of the future for Congress.

Given the fact that someday we may well be faced with the prospect of having to suffer Priyanka Vadhra as a Prime ministerial candidate, it behooves us to investigate further and do a little analysis on what this young woman is truly like starting with her family background.

It's quite apparent that Priyanka is representative of the newest generation of the Gandhi family which has ruled Indian politics for over fifty years. The legacy of the Gandhi family is also unquestionable, beginning with the Socialist nightmares created for India by her great grandfather, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the 50's, the overwhelming dictatorial powerlust of her grandmother Indira Gandhi and uncle Sanjay Gandhi in the 70's, all the way to the Corrupt greed of her father Rajiv Gandhi in the 80's and subsequently the unbounded ambitions of her Catholic Italian mother Sonia Gandhi during the 90's. Given the mind boggling range of criminal activities practiced by her antecedents, Priyanka sure has a tough act to follow. But she has already proven her family credentials by following the Gandhi family tradition of failing to graduate from college.

The tradition of illiteracy in the Gandhi family dates all the way back to 90 years ago when Jawaharlal Nehru was somehow able to manage an academic degree from an accredited college in London. Since then the members of the list of famous Gandhis from Indira, Feroze, Rajiv, Sanjay, Sonia and Maneka never had the ability to get an academic degree. Priyanka herself dropped out of Delhi University a few years ago. The Indian media however has always maliciously falsified this fact about her qualifications. Press report after press report always casually mentions that "Priyanka graduated from Delhi University a few years ago, following which she taught briefly at a Delhi school for children with spastic paralysis." Priyanka's aunt Maneka Gandhi has directly contradicted this falsification by stating on record that not a single member of the Gandhi family (including Priyanka) has been able to get a degree in the past 90 years.

Considering the immensely wealthy empire that the Gandhi empire has built via all sorts of fraudulent schemes which have robbed India of billions, it is only natural that Priyanka has grown up with despotic tendencies. She was a pampered, spoilt brat who received any thing that her heart desired and created the impression early in her psyche , that the being a Gandhi is somehow "superior" to being just any ordinary mortal. This tendencies were coupled with her mother Sonia's bigoted sense of superiority over Indians. It is a fact that Sonia Gandhi maintained her closest friendships with only "White" Europeans who were present in India for the sake of business or on diplomatic missions. Another fact that distinctly influenced Priyanka is the fact that Sonia Maino always has been and still is an exceedingly devout Roman Catholic.

Priyanka's father Rajiv had to convert to Catholicism himself in order to marry Sonia. This is because Sonia is a baptized Catholic and the Catholic Church would not solemnize her wedding to Rajiv unless he specifically converted to Christianity. That Priyanka was raised in a strictly Christian setting is apparent from her choice of husband and her voluntary participation in missionary work for the Missionaries of Charity. Priyanka's earliest role models include her imperious grandmother Indira Gandhi, her father Rajiv Gandhi and the most unabashed proselytizer of them all, Mother Teresa. Years ago Rajiv had commented about Priyanka, "She is strong-willed like my mother,". This comparison with a grandmother who treated India as her own personal fiefdom, was to leave a lingering impression on Priyanka. Her physical resemblance to Indira Gandhi as well as similarity of certain mannerisms had her convinced that like Indira, it was somehow Priyanka's destiny to "save" India, through her innate leadership.

By her own admission, Priyanka has said " Ever since I was a little girl Indiraji was a role model. But as I grew up I became more and more influenced by my father. But I have consciously tried not to model myself on anyone. I am me. Priyanka Gandhi." The traces of conceit are already self-evident in her assertive retort that she is a unique individual with power and potency in her own right. In contrast to Priyanka's assertiveness, one of her only two competitor's to the Gandhi mantle, her younger brother Rahul displays an awkwardness and the type of submissive behavior, which does not a leader make. In comparison to Priyanka's strong and colorful demeanor, Rahul looks like an insipid hanger on. Much of his lack of self-esteem can be attributed to the explosive secret that Rahul Gandhi is in fact mentally retarded. His mental handicap has been well hidden by the Gandhi family and the unconscionable press.

Rahul was in fact refused permission to some of Delhi's top institutions because of his mental handicap. A frustrated Gandhi family had then pulled strings at Harvard, where a quota of seats is always available for a price to the rich and famous. Since then Rahul was bundled off to the US and later UK much as his father Rajiv Gandhi had been packed off to Cambridge in the hopes that he would somehow muddle through an academic degree. Rajiv of course never passed a single test at Cambridge and instead of bringing home a degree came back with an equally illiterate Catholic au pair of Italian extraction as his wife. Following in his father's footsteps, Rahul too has come back without a degree to his name, and a fair skinned South American Catholic girlfriend on his arm.

To Priyanka therefore the fact that her brother Rahul hardly counts has competition has further strengthened her self-glorification and firm belief that she is the only legitimate heir to the crown of Congress and India's leadership. Her mother Sonia has encouraged this quality at every step knowing full well that Priyanka possesses the very traits which alienate Sonia from the masses, chief among them being Priyanka's ability to talk fluently in Hindi. Priyanka's qualifications for her trusteeship in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation are laughingly listed as "her experience as a teacher and educationist". The Foundation is of course nothing but a front for Sonia and kids to siphon off millions of rupees from the Indian taxpayer. They have refused to allow their accounts to be audited for over five years. Another alarming clue to the personality of Priyanka can be ascertained from her mother, Sonia's beliefs. In her book "Rajiv" (which she co wrote with Priyanka) Sonia focuses on the divine right of this family, in its destiny to serve India, to serve it as "sacrificial goats" as she puts it. Sonia believes to the point of superstition that any member of the Gandhi family who enters politics starting with her husband, would be killed. She wrote that Rajiv Gandhi was offered as a sacrificial lamb and that she fought like a tigress but failed from preventing him being served on the altar of the national cause. No doubt Sonia's desire to see herself and her children as martyr's stems from her Catholic beliefs. It is a horrifying thought that Priyanka must have absorbed such perverse self-aggrandizement about her own role as a martyr for the sake of India.

This belief in her destined superiority was reinforced with the recent focus of media attention on Priyanka. she basked in the limelight as the reporters fell over each other in their eagerness to describe the "youth, beauty and fearlessness of her manner". Page upon page was written to attest to her immense popularity with the common public. Paeans of praise were penned about her disarming ability to "reach out and touch the hearts of the poorest" in what can only be termed as the natives' repulsive display of adoration for the white-skinned goddess. Her husband Robert Vadhra and sister in law Michelle, both devout Catholics have jumped on the bandwagon, accompanying her wherever she goes.

Priyanka's wedding itself was one of the biggest exercises in fooling the public. Her husband Robert Vadhra is a baptized devout Catholic, the son of Rajinder and Maureen Vadhra who are both confirmed Catholics. This detail can be attested from the fact that the Delhi archdiocese had made a big ruckus about the fact that Priyanka was not baptized when they sought permission to get married in a Catholic ceremony at the Sacred Heart Cathedral of Delhi. Robert had to produce his Baptism papers and Priyanka had to produce proof of her conversion to Christianity, before they could be married in the Catholic ceremony at Sacred Heart Cathedral at 10.30 am on February 5, 1997. This was hastily followed by a publicity exercise where the already married couple was shown being wedded in "traditional Hindu style" on February 18, 1997 at Sonia's Bungalow on 10 Janpath. The fact that this was a completely superficial and fake ceremony to fool the Indian public into believing the myth that the Gandhi family follows traditional Hindu customs, was given away by the glittering wedding ring on Priyanka's finger. There is no custom of wearing a wedding ring among Hindus.

Robert Vadhra himself is the perfect foil to Priyanka's ambitiousness. He is a chubby, college dropout, usually termed as a "non-descript jewelry exporter from Meerut". The truth however is quite different. Robert is the heir to a family business which has made its fortune through the illicit secret smuggling of rare Hindu and Buddhist Antiques. His family business, Artex (Stands for Art Exports) is famous for its stock of antique brassware and jewelry, the majority of which, unbeknownst to the Indian public has been smuggled from national heritage sites and museum collections. Sonia Gandhi herself is an old hand at the antiques trade, her own house being a testament to this interest. Thousands of rare antiques are smuggled from India, many of them come from the Indira Gandhi Foundation which has a priceless collection of paintings and antique objects of art.

Given her frightening proclivity to emulate her imperious grandmother and the imperious display of authority that Priyanka often indulges in, it is clear that she considers herself the destined heir to the throne of power. Her recent outburst in Rae Bareli against her own uncle Arun Nehru, is proof enough of the fact that Priyanka Gandhi will not let principles or ethical proprieties stand in her naked thirst for power. The vitriolic tone of her speech in Rae Bareli is chilling. In bitter accent, Priyanka exhorted the crowd that

"Mujhe aap se ek shikayat hai. Mere pita ke mantri-mandal mein rehte hue jisne gaddari ki, bhai ki peeth mein chura mara - jawab dijiye - aise aadmi ko aap ne yahan ghusne kaise diya? Unki yahan aane ki himmat kaise hui? (I have a complaint against you (the people). A man who was a traitor in my father's Cabinet, who stabbed him in the back - answer me - how dare you let such a man set foot in this constituency? How dare he have the insolence to come here?"

When she noticed the audience's shocked expression, Priyanka hastily went into her well orchestrated explanation. "Yahan aane se pehle maine apni maa se baat ki thi. Maa ne kaha kisi ki burai mat karna. Magar main jawan hoon, dil ki baat aap se na kahun to kisse kahun? (I spoke to my mother before coming here. She told me not to speak badly of anyone. But I am an adult, and if I cannot say what is in my heart to you, then to whom else can I speak?"

"Mujhe yahan aa kar garv mehsoos ho raha hai. Yeh Indiraji ki karmbhoomi hai. Woh meri daadi hi nehin thi, sari janata ki maa bhi thi. Indiraji ke baad Rae Bareli mein koi vikas nahin hua." (I am filled with pride at coming here. This is the place where Indira Gandhi's did her work. She wasn't just my grandmother but the mother of you all! After Indiraji, no progress has happened in Rae Bareli)

And then at the end, Priyanka's arrogance let loose in an unrestrained rush. "Yeh hamara Kshetra hai!" she shreiked from the ramparts. "This is OUR land", pronounced the self styled future savior of India's ignorant masses, in a bone chilling tone. Just like her great grandfather, her grandmother, her uncle and her mother Priyanka Vadhra Gandhi is at last displaying the true colors behind her facade. And that face is one of utter lust for power, unabashed arrogance and a firm belief in her destiny as the leader of India. To Priyanka Gandhi, Rae Bareli and the rest of India unquestionably BELONG to her. In typical Gandhi family style, she doesn't care about the rights or even the opinions of Indians, she claims suzerainty over India as her birthright. In all of her campaign speeches, she has shown not the slightest inclination to talk about any of the real issues. The subject of her exhortations to the crowd has always been the debt that they owe to her family for having saved them from a fate, that according to Priyanka, was worse death, Priyanka's message to the Indian public is clear, "You owe us and we own you." The other leaders of Congress experience the everyday humiliation of have been sidelined and contemptuously ignored by the new "Madame" in town.

If this is not dynastic rule then what is?? If these are not the clear cut characteristics of a tyrannical despot, then what are? A bemused Atal Bihrai Vajpayee was heard starting his election speech in Rae Bareli with the half jesting comment that he was afraid to step in Rae Bareli as this area belonged to the Gandhis, according to Priyanka. And then in a heartening rejoinder that echoes the outrage of a democratic nation of close to one billion Indians, the prime minister of India said in measured terms," From Kashmir to Kanyakumari India is one country and people are free to move anywhere they liked. Nobody but Nobody (Not even Priyanka Gandhi) can impose restrictions on the coming and going of another person. Such is not the language commonly tolerated in democracies."

It is highly doubtful whether a self styled future tyrant like Mrs. Priyanka Vadhra, who is being groomed to consider India as her personal property and Indians as her personal minions, will ever see things in the context of democracy. For the latest heir of the Gandhi dynasty, the fate of India always has and always will be, at the mercy of their family's personal and private autocracy.

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By Swati on Thursday, August 15, 2002 - 08:40 pm

How many of us know that Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan is the product of 'behind the scene' affair that happened between his mom, Teji Bachchan, and the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru?

Teji was a very attractive woman and a frequent visitor to Jawaharlal's residence. Her husband (Haribans Rai Bachchan, Amitabh's supposed father) was a homosexual and was not interested in women. To make things further spicy, Jawaharlal had been widowed for a long time.

The same 'high' morals were seen in Nehru's earlier generation too. Sheikh Abdullah was an illegitimate child of Jawaharlal's father, Motilal Nehru. His mother was Motilal's maid servant (imported from Kashmir to Allahabad). This was the reason why Jawaharlal always treated him very softly, despite his anti-India stance.

The 'secular' traditions of the Nehru family percolated down to Jawaharlal's daughter, Indira, who became pregnant from a white guy at 16 in UK. Shocked at this, Mahatma Gandhi forced her to go through secret abortion, and arranged her marriage to Feroze Gandhi. Thus she became a 'Gandhi'.

The story was later repeated by Indira's son, Sanjay Gandhi, when he raped Col. Anand's daughter. Col. Anand, a Sikh Armyman, committed suicide. Indira got the whole affair hush-hushed. The product of that rape is the Bollywood actress Amrita Singh (just compare her facial features to those of Sanjay!).







By Paddy on Wednesday, June 08, 2005 - 06:09 am

The partition of India was nothing but a result of Nehru's greed for power and British fear of India becoming a super power. Nehru manipulated himself to be the first PM with the following conditional pact with the Britishers:
1. Netaji or his family should not be allowed any postion of power in Indian government
2. Netaja's marraige to Emily should not be treated as marraige and therefore their only child Anita could not be respected in India.
3. INA should be disbanded
4. India should be broken up into two countries and three parts to remain unstable for a long time.
5.Nehru would act as British stooge in India
6. Nehru met Emily and took an oath from her that she would never visit India for the safety of her child and Netaji. Emily NEVER visited India!!

Everybody wanted Congress to be broken up after independence and equally strong independent parties to flourish. Nehru prevented it and was such an egomaniac that even after he was declared medically unfit to continue, still continued as PM.

The truth about these shameless clan will come out sooner or later. The latest idiot in this shameless family is Rahul Gandhi, who had cheat his board exams by getting the invigilator home. The invigilator (Mrs. Usha Ram) has been awarded the principal position of a public now. Rahul admitted to Harvard and dropped to claim (like his forefathers) a Harvard graduate. I really got the kicks when Rahul was handcuffed to a bench at Boston airport on suspicion of being a terrorist. The computers at Boston airport did manage decipher his Muslim heritage!

Priyanka is another example of dumb damsel marrying the dumbest boy at the British School, chanakyapuri (New Delhi).

Sanjay Gandhi was a living terror for Delhi university. Almost every night he needed to rape a new girl! Delhi University's evenings were soon deprived of good looking girls strolling around.

The sad part is 'We the Indian People' are willing to accept even a mongrel from Nehru's home having the surname gandhi as our leader!





The corruption here is so deeply embedded that we the ordinary and HUMBLE enough people of India cannot do much about it. If you will chose to stand in the queue, there is a big chance that u may have to stand in that queue forever.

The whole system here is faulty, it is upto the powers that be, to do the cleansing, but why will they, when an uneducated Minister here becomes an arabpati, once in power, right from the doorman to every govt. official to the Mantri, everybody is corrupted, any Government, it just doesnt matter, all of them are equally bad.

a small example

Businessmen who buy goods from outside their state have to pay Central Sales tax. Now theres something called a C-Form, which when given by the businessmen to the supplier attracts lesser and which if you are registered with the Sales Tax department, should be made available to you freely, but the Sales tax deptt people will harass u no end for these C-Forms and will not budge unless u bribe them. So its the same everywhere, be the police or the Indian Judiciary, hospitals. schools etc.etc. all are corrupted.

Just watch the movie Dhoop or Nayak, you will understand, its not easy. To cure a Nation, a major movement is needed, a handful of people cant bring about any change.


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